The South Bay Cities Council of Governments offers a robust Transportation Program to support sustainable infrastructure improvements in the South Bay. Partnering with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro), Caltrans, and South Bay local jurisdictions, the SBCCOG manages subregional sales tax revenue for transportation projects that include:

  • The expenditure of over $906 million of South Bay Highway Program funds that will be available from Measure R.
  • More than $1.9 billion that will be available from Measure M over the next 40 years.

The SBCCOG Board of Directors, with technical guidance from the Transportation Committee and the Infrastructure Working Group, identifies projects, schedules funding, and oversees the delivery of the South Bay Highway Program to deliver infrastructure projects that will improve operations of South Bay freeways, State Highways, arterials using Measure R funds throughout the region.

Similarly, Measure M Subregional Transportation Projects (MSP) are identified and overseen to support safe, sustainable, mobility and infrastructure improvements on local streets. An example of these kinds of "subregional projects" is:

  •  South Bay Local Travel Network (LTN) - a "sharrow system" - connecting neighborhood to neighborhood to destinations - that would safely accomodate zero-emission vehicles and human-powered bikes for local trips.