Project Genesis (2016): 

  • A Major South Bay Business (Torrance) relocated because of poor quality and expensive network services 
  • The lack of broadband infrastructure was seen as an economic development issue
  • Over $165k was invested in understanding the issue and developing a strategy/plan to address the challenge

Call to Action (2017):

  • A study of the issue was commissioned by the South Bay Workforce Investment Board and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas 
  • Magellan Advisors completed the analysis and provided a report entitled: “South Bay Fiber Optic Master Plan” 
  • What the SBCCOG learned:
    • South Bay Cities’ Internet Services are expensive and sub-standard 
    • Average monthly recurring costs were ~$4,000 for far less than a GB of service
    • South Bay cities were not able to take advantage of Smart City applications for City Services; Economic Development; and, Transportation Infrastructure Improvements
  • “South Bay Fiber Optic Master Plan” provided a roadmap for South Bay cities to work collectively towards the creation of a high-speed fiber optic network that would provide high-quality internet capacity at a minimum of 1 GB at about ½ the price that cities were paying at the time

Next Steps/RFP (2018):

  • Spring:  SBCCOG, with Input from South Bay Cities’ Information Technology Directors and Magellan Advisors, issued a Request for Proposals to Build and Operate a new Fiber Optic Backbone Network called the “South Bay Smart-net”
  • There was significant interest in the RFP – 32 individuals from 14 different companies attended the mandatory “Pre-Proposal Meeting”
  • September:  4 Proposals were received 
  • October/November:  Proposals were reviewed and ranked
  • December: SBCCOG began discussions with the lead proposer pre-negotiations for “best and Final” costs and terms
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