South Bay's Land Use, Transportation, and Climate Action Planning Forum

On Decmeber 13, 2017, South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) and Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) collaborated with sponsor Southern California Edison (SCE) to host a forum that brought together top planning experts to discuss the South Bay's new Land Use, Transportation, and Climate Action Plan (CAP), as well as the accompanying Sustainable South Bay Strategy. Please review the "fact sheets" presented and coverage of the entire program below:


The SBCCOG has been working with its 15-member cities on climate action planning in the South Bay since 2008. When embarking on this project, the SBCCOG recognized that while many of its member cities wanted to initiate climate action planning, they did not have the resources, budget, or staff to devote to such activities. As a result, the SBCCOG took a sub-regional approach to the management and coordination of developing CAPs. - Fact Sheet

Electric Vehicle Studies: Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)

The study aimed to understand if NEVs can replace a household’s second or third vehicle, since NEVs can accommodate many short trips. 70% of a household’s trips are under three miles – too long to walk and too short to take public transit, but ideal for short-range vehicles, including bicycles. - Fact Sheet

Neighborhood-Oriented Strategies

Neighborhood-Oriented Strategies are land use and transportation strategies for built-out suburban neighborhoods that lack robust transit. The strategies are designed to increase mobility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through shortening trip lengths and converting trips to zero or reduced emissions by walking, biking, electric vehicles, telecommuting, transit, and shared mobility. Neighborhood-Oriented Strategies equitably address all types of neighborhoods enhancing access and mobility without requiring large expenditures. - Fact Sheet

Sustainable South Bay Neighborhoods

This is a new entry into the market – an emissions manual for quantifying greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for neighborhood-oriented strategies. Existing emissions manuals are outdated, based on limited evidence, and don’t offer adequate strategies for suburban communities. The new methodology will require that planners and other decision makers fully understand the travel patterns in their community. - Fact Sheet

Watch video footage of the program's morning session and afternoon session.

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