Travel Pal

It’s an exciting time for transportation in and around the South Bay. New infrastructure, services, and routes provide us with a great selection of options and opportunity. You might even say, it’s tough to figure out which option works best for me.  That’s where Travel Pal comes in by providing an instant selection of the travel options for your specific trip. From ride sharing to local events, to car-pooling the kids to school, to commuting to work or even choosing a bike or transit route, the Travel Pal will instantly connect you with the best ways to get to your South Bay destinations.  We are inviting you to test-drive Travel Pal by registering and taking it for a spin. What’s in it for you? Some serious time, money, and environmental savings. With Travel Pal you can instantly: 

Connect: The South Bay community is home to some of the best jobs, events, venues, and schools in the country. Travel Pal instantly connects you to the destinations that mean the most to you. You’ll connect with wonderful, forward thinking people just like yourself. Be sure to check out the events tab to not only find out about awesome special events in your area, but also discover someone to share the ride with!

Choose: Discover the most convenient sustainable transportation option for your destination and schedule. Just put in your start location and end location and instantly you’ll find the transportation option for you. From transit to biking to walking to carpools/vanpools, it has it all. Create an account today to see your choices. Once you’ve selected and made a trip, log it on your custom trip calendar to see all the positive impacts of your sustainable mobility!  

Match: Sharing the ride to work, school, or an event is one of the easiest ways to conveniently improve your mobility options. Carpooling -- whether it’s every once in a while, a couple days, or every day— is one of the best travel choices out there, but finding a good match can be tough. That’s where we come in! Simply use Travel Pal to find other travelers heading to your destination. Keep in mind, you are the first to use the site, so you might not see a match today. But don’t worry, as soon as a match appears Travel Pal will connect that person to you. Be sure to “favorite your trip” by clicking the star to find a match so that other Travel Pal Pals can match up with you. 

We hope you enjoy being the first to test-drive Travel Pal.  We will be launching more Travel Pal marketing and incentives in the coming months, so be ready! Did we mention you can take us with you? We’re mobile friendly! No app storage space needed, just bookmark our website on your smart phone. For any questions about Travel Pal, please feel free to reach out to