Important Economic Data Presented at Joint Meeting of SBCCOG and South Bay Chambers of Commerce Association

At the SBCCOG/SBACC Getting to Know You Mixer held on October 30, 2013, Kimberly Ritter-Martinez of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, presented information on the economic outlook at the national, state and local level, including the South Bay.   

South Bay Local Use Vehicle Report

IT'S HERE!  The SBCCOG has just released its Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) Demonstration Project report that answers the questions, "Will South Bay residents drive NEVs extensively?", "Does the usage have the potential to produce significant environmental and economic benefits?", and "Is there a feasible market segment for NEVs?"   The report answers these questions with evidence that was gathered through actual South Bay residents experience using slow speed, neighborhood electric vehicles. 

A Brief History & Enduring Legacy of Prop 13

At the October 24, 2013 SBCCOG Board meeting, Jeff Kiernan, of the League of California Cities, gave an impressive presentation on the background of Proposition 13, which was passed in 1978.


Please click here to view "A Brief History & Enduring Legacy of Prop 13" prepared by Jeff Kiernan.

Social Media Working Group

Location: SBESC office - 20285 S. Western Ave., Suite 100, Torrance

The SBCCOG and South Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Invite You to a Mixer on October 30!

The SBACC and SBCCOG would like to invite you to
 A Getting To Know You Evening!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
20285 Western Avenue, 1st Floor, Torrance, CA 90501

We would love to have you attend!

To RSVP, contact Natalie at

For further information, please contact Jacki at

SBCCOG Awarded Funding to Accelerate Climate Action Planning

This May, the South Bay Cities Council of Governments  (SBCCOG) announced an award of $771,630 from Southern California Edison (SCE) to the SBCCOG to support and accelerate the climate action planning work in the South Bay.  SCE awarded funds to different local governments in its region to support the strategies and local government goals found in the California Public Utilities Commission’s California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

SBESC's SCE Energy Leader Partnership Staff Recognition Luncheon SEPT 26

The South Bay Envionrmental Servces Center, a program of the SBCCOG, is holding a Southern California Edison Energy Leader Partnership Staff Recognition Luncheon for selected city staff.